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I am committed to helping clients find hope, inner freedom, and lasting healing through brain-based treatments and counseling.

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A Message from our neurotherapist

Hello, my name is Lara Christian. I am a Board Certified Neurotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. My goal is to help you by identifying the underlying brain-based issues that cause mood, sleep, behavior, performance, memory or attention issues, among many other mental health conditions. I provide roadmaps to effectively address brain-based abnormalities that prevent individuals from reaching their potential.

My journey as a neurotherapist began after dedicated work alongside teams of mental health professionals in various settings, including transitional living, juvenile justice, intensive outpatient programs, and in-home family services. Throughout these experiences, I consistently observed the management of symptoms without substantial change. These experiences led me to believe that there had to be a way for mental health professionals to better serve their clients.

For that reason, I began working with a former professor who swore by qEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback. She saw significant results in comparison to counseling alone. During that time, I also experienced firsthand how powerful neurotherapy could be when a few family members saw life-changing and lasting outcomes from these methods. After witnessing these breakthroughs from brain mapping and neurofeedback, I decided to devote my career to neurotherapy and haven’t looked back since.

I primarily base my work on published research; however, I value seeing the consistent success my clients experience even more. Some of my most successful cases are clients who felt oppressed and marginalized; they were hopeless and saw no solution for how to heal and move forward. Due to the effectiveness of neurotherapy, I have witnessed my clients experience freedom and hope again! As a result, my practice has grown and thrived through word of mouth alone.

I live by faith and have built my life and work on Matthew 6:33

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

I incorporate faith, biblical truth, and prayer into sessions for clients open to it. For the past 14 years, these methods have helped people live more free and meaningful lives.

+ Master of Arts in Counseling from Colorado Christian University
+ Licensed Professional Counselor by the State of Texas
+ Board Certified in Neurofeedback
+ Certified Brain Health Coach through Amen Clinics
+ Certified Interactive Metronome Provider
+ Transcranial Photobiomodulation Provider
The Mission

At Optimize Mind Care, we dedicate our time to training your brain to help it function more effectively without using traditional medicine.

Neurofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy have proven helpful for individuals who are not improving with medication or counseling.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback. Non-invasive and painless sensors are placed on the head to record a client’s brainwave activity. This data is sent to a computer that rewards clients through visual and auditory feedback when their brainwaves change to a pattern that can help eliminate their symptoms. Clients report that the visual and auditory rewards given through movies or video games are an enjoyable and interactive experience. Want to learn more about neurofeedback? Click here.

Why Choose OMC?

Lara works directly with her clients from start to finish, in contrast to most neurofeedback practices that often rely on several technicians or interns, many of whom are often unlicensed, to service clients.

Before specializing in neurotherapy, she worked in cardiac electrophysiology, providing clinical and technical support to electrophysiologists and cardiologists during cardiac device surgical implantation. Her extensive experience working with the heart’s electrical signals (EKG) prepared her to keenly identify brainwave abnormalities in an EEG.

Her background in various medical and mental health settings enables her to achieve the exceptional results she delivers to her clients today.

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